Sydney Soft Leaf is an extremely hardy turf and is ideal for high traffic areas and pets as well.

Sydney Soft Leaf Buffalo

Sydney Soft Leaf is an extremely hardy turf and is ideal for high traffic areas and pets as well.

Sydney Soft Leaf is a nice dark bottle green in colour. It has a wide leaf blade and hardy growth habit; Sydney soft Leaf will persist in difficult growing conditions.

Sydney Soft Leaf handles shady areas up to 80% shade.
Once established, this variety is low maintenance, making it suitable for the home lawns, commercial areas such as parks and industrial sites.

Benefits of the Sydney Soft Leaf Buffalo

  • Excellent Shade Tolerance
  • Hard Wearing Turf
  • Ideal for high traffic areas (pets also)
  • Low Price Buffalo
  • Low Maintenance Turf

Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo – Stenotaphrum Secundatum ‘SS100’

Palmetto Soft leaf Buffalo is ideally suited for lawns in the most situations including front and back yards, full sun and shaded areas and even around your salt water pool.

Palmetto has an outstanding emerald green colour which will make your neighbours green with envy.

Palmetto only requires 2 to 3 hours of direct sun light a day. It excels in full sun whilst thriving shaded areas.

Benefits of the Palmetto

  • Impressive Drought Resistance – Sun & Shade
  • Low Maintenance – Less Mowing
  • Best Winter Colour
  • Recovers Rapidly from Damage
  • Hard Wearing

Palmetto Soft leaf Buffalo Turf.

Greener all year round – Sun or Shade – The user friendly lawn!

Sapphire Soft leaf Buffalo – Stenotaphrum Secundatum ‘SS100’

Sapphire has performance as good as any other buffalo, with the added benefit of super fine texture, giving a much finer appearance.

Sapphire looks superb; a buffalo lawn that isn’t coarse, Sapphire Soft leaf Buffalo is just for you.

Sapphire grows quickly across the ground, providing quick recovery from wear, has excellent winter colour.

Sapphire colour is truly amazing; its deep green colour will make your lawn “the envy of the street”.

Benefits of the Sapphire

  • Excellent Winter Colour
  • Excellent Sun and Shade Tolerance
  • Fast recovery, Rapid Growth

Sapphire So Fine, So Soft, So Beautiful.

The Fine Texture, High Performance Buffalo.

Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo

Sir Walter Buffalo performs well in full sun and shade, extreme heat, drought and frost. Importantly, it retains its colour during winter, is hard wearing and recovers well from damage. Its thick mat out-competes weeds leaving you with a healthy weed free lawn.

Sir Walter is also resistant to a number of insects and fungal pests. Together, these features make Sir Walter the perfect choice for a family lawn or for various commercial uses.

Benefits of Sir Walter Buffalo

  • Attractive lush green colour
  • High Wear and shade tolerance
  • Low Maintenance
  • Ideal for home lawns or where high quality turf appearance is desired
  • Great for kids and pets

Awesome Buffalo Grass

Are you on the hunt for some quality Buffalo Grass? Not sure what kind of Buffalo Grass is right for your home? Need expert advice at the right price? You’re in luck! Awesome Turf are the Buffalo Grass experts you’re looking for.

Here at Awesome Turf we know turf. We know grasses and Couch and Kikuyu and everything in between. If you’re on the market for a new lawn to really bring out the best in your home, look no further than the awesome friendly staff at Awesome Turf.

Awesome Range

Awesome Turf has an awesome range of the best Buffalo Grass varieties to suit any Sydney landscape. Whether you’re at the foot of the mountains surrounded by shade or next to the ocean bordered by beach, Awesome Turf will have the Buffalo Grass solution for you.

Buffalo Grass comes in many different shapes and sizes so before you begin your new lawn project it’s a good idea to call one of our expert team for some advice on what type of Buffalo turf will suit your lawns surroundings.

Take for instance our Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass. Palmetto Buffalo Grass is ideal for most situations including front and back yards, full sun and shaded areas and even works well around your salt water pool. The emerald green colour of Palmetto Soft Leaf will make your neighbours green with envy. The Palmetto Buffalo Grass variety has impressive drought resistance, requires less maintenance than other turfs and is very hard-wearing.

Awesome Service

Our awesome staff are not only experts when it comes to Buffalo Grass and turf varieties, we also have years of experience installing lawns across the Sydney area. Located in Windsor in western Sydney, Awesome Turf have been supplying and installing Buffalo Grass and turf supplies right across Sydney to many happy customers. We provide supply of your Buffalo Grass or turf of choice, bobcat and rotary hoe hire and a professional turf-laying service, so no matter your individual needs, Awesome Turf has you covered.

So give the friendly and professional staff at Awesome Turf a call today so we can get you on the way to realising your dream of the Buffalo Grass lawn you’ve always dreamed of. Our range of Buffalo Grass is broad and we are sure that we’ll find the right fit for your situation.



Winter Green Couch is a fine leafed, with a medium growth rate, & has a deep green with an aqua in appearance colour.

Winter Green Couch

Winter Green Couch is a fine leafed, with a medium growth rate, & has a deep green with an aqua in appearance colour.

Winter Green Couch is easier to manage, it will tolerate high traffic, full sun. This will grow almost anywhere except for the mountains, shade or very cold areas.

Winter Green Couch is great for most domestic homes, recreational and Bowling Green’s. Moderate fertilizing, watering & mowing too will maintain a good appearance and durability lawn.

Benefits of the Winter Green Couch

  • Very Fine Leaf, Low Maintenance Hardy Turf
  • Best Grown in Full Sun
  • Compliments Gardens and Rockeries

Santa Ana Couch

Santa Ana Couch is extremely soft and very fine leaf, giving it slightly more wears tolerance.

Santa Ana Couchhas a medium green colour and retains most of its colour throughout the year to other couch varieties.

Santa Ana Couchis suitable for sports fields, recreational areas and for that ornamental landscape. Given moderate fertilizing, watering and mowing will help maintain an attractive and durable lawn.

Benefits of Santa Ana Couch

  • Full Sun
  • Soft Fine Leaf
  • Wear Tolerance
  • Great for Ornamental Gardens

Winter Green Couch | Santa Ana Couch

When it comes to awesome Couch turf supplies, installation, maintenance and advice, Awesome Turf are your one-stop-shop.

Here at Awesome Turf we are passionate about our products and we guarantee you’ll get the best service at the right price on all your Couch Grass queries and services.

Awesome Range of Couch Grass

Our range of Couch Grass and other turf varieties will amaze you! We have Couch and buffalo and kikuyu, all the grass and turf you could ever need, no matter your lawns situation.

Couch Grass is a perennial species of grass that has creeping rhizomes which enables rapid growth across grassland. Our Couch Grass comes in a range of varieties for every situation.

One example is our Winter Green Couch Grass, fine leafed and with a medium growth rate, Winter Green Couch Grass has a deep green and aqua appearance. Winter Green Couch Grass will tolerate high traffic and full sun and will grow almost anywhere except mountainous and very cold areas. Winter Green Couch Grass is so fine that it can even be used for bowling greens!

Awesome Services

On top of our great range of Couch Grass and other turf varietals we offer our valued customers a range of additional services.

Installation- Awesome Turf will come to your house and install your new Couch Grass for a great price! Why not let us take all the hassle out of your turf installation job.

Awesome advice- Awesome Turf will take you through every step of your turf project from preparation of the site to the final laying of turf, you will have expert advice at all times so you can be sure you’re turf project will turn out right.

Machinery hire- We also offer a range of hiring services if you want to handle your turf project yourself. We can hire out big machinery like Bobcats and rotary hoes, or whatever supplies you need to make your dream lawn a reality.

Call us Today

So give Awesome Turf a call today so we make you Couch Grass or turf project a reality. Whether it’s a brand new lawn or a replacement for your old one, Awesome Turf will be with you every step of the way to make sure every aspect of your dream is considered and fulfilled.



When it comes to all things Kikuyu Grass in Sydney there is only one name you need remember, Awesome Turf are your Kikuyu Grass specialists.

Kikuyu Turf – Kikuyu Grass

When it comes to all things Kikuyu Grass in Sydney there is only one name you need remember, Awesome Turf are your Kikuyu Grass specialists. Awesome Turf will take care of all your Kikuyu Grass needs from planning and preparation to installation and maintenance of your new Kikuyu lawn, Awesome Turf will be on hand to offer you helpful advice and products.

Benefits of Kikuyu Lawn

  • Most Economical Turf and its Low Price
  • Price Hard Wearing Turf, Fast Growing
  • Performs extremely well under Heavy Traffic Conditions (where there may be dogs, children etc).
  • Rapid Damage Recovery
  • Prefers Full Sun, Retains colour well during cold months
  • Very strong grass but is still quite soft to sit on

The Best Kikuyu Grass

Our Kikuyu Grass is the envy of other turf suppliers. Our Kikuyu Grass is a warm season lawn grass with a medium broad leaf which has a vigorous growth rate. The best thing about Kikuyu Grass is that it is the most economical turf, it is a great, hard-wearing turf and a low price.

Kikuyu Grass excels in full sun and has a very rapid damage recovery rate. This means that it excels in most Australian environments and can be used across a range of situations. Kikuyu Grass is ideal for large areas so it’s great for schoolyards, sporting fields and homes. Kikuyu Grass is very strong grass but is still great for sitting on, which means it’s a great, cost effective grass for a plethora of purposes.

You’ll be amazed at what a beautiful new Kikuyu Grass lawn will do for your home. With regular maintenance your new Kikuyu Grass lawn will have your neighbours going green with envy.

Awesome Installation Service

On top of supplying Sydney with the best Kikuyu Grass around Awesome Turf also offers our valued customers the most expert installation services in Sydney. Located in Windsor in western Sydney, Awesome Turf will come to your home and install your new Kikuyu lawn no matter where you are in Sydney. If your need Kikuyu Grass in Kirribilli or Kogarah, Kingsford or Kingswood, Awesome Turf will come out and install the Kikuyu lawn of your dreams.

On top of our awesome installation service we also offer machinery and equipment hire to our customers. When we drop off your Kikuyu Grass supplies we will drop off all the equipment you need to get the job done; bobcats and rotary hoes and anything else you may require. Awesome Turf has you’re new Kikuyu Grass lawn under control.

Call us for Kikuyu

So give the friendly and professional staff at Awesome Turf a call today and we’ll get you on your way to installing an awesome Kikuyu Grass lawn. We promise you’ll be in love with your new Kikuyu lawn.


To all the staff at Awesome Turf, we just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful job you have done. You have made my front and back yards look fabulous . We can not believe how neat and efficient you completed the job. Thanks for you outstanding service. I will be recommending your business to all my family and friends.

Rob Blacktown

Our front yard was nothing but weeds and dirt patches, I contacted Awesome Turf, they come out and gave me a free quote that I was happy with for my front yard. In no time they prepared my front yard , placed new turf underlay, levelled & ready for my new turf “Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo”. Once the turf was installed in my front yard I couldn’t wait to have my back & side yards done.” “What an Awesome Job Done!” Thank you so much for providing such high quality lawn and fantastic service.

Kristen Cherrybrook

When choosing our new lawn we were confused about what buffalo to choose for our home. After speaking to Vanessa she answered all our questions. We are delighted with our new Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo. Vanessa also organised there ground preparation, the delivery and laying of the Sapphire. Thank you for your prompt and high quality service. Our lawn looks Awesome! Even done in winter . We will be recommending your business.

Sarah Turramurra

Five Stars