Lawn Care and Maintenance



How to Measure Your Lawn

Before you make your turf order, you will need to know how many square meters you will need. To calculate the correct amount of turf required, measure the length and width in meters and multiply together. Also include any odd shapes or usual areas to the nearest possible measurement. (It is always safer to order a little extra than not enough). This should result in the total amount of turf required. 1 square meter equals 1 Turf roll @ 2.2m long x 450mm wide.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help measuring your area!

turf rolls
lawn turf rolls

Lawn Turf Installation

Start from a straight edge, such as a driveway, fence or footpath.

Roll out your new turf, make sure all joins are butted tightly together, do not overlap the edges.

Lay your rolls of lawn turf in a brick pattern.

Use a sharp square spade or a large sharp knife to trim excess turf or to edge around garden bed, trees, etc.

Maintaining Turf

If you want your new lawn to look brilliant all year round, you will need to exercise regular maintenance. Below we have listed some useful tips to keeping your lawn looking Awesome, even in winter.


Once your new lawn is installed, water immediately to prevent the turf drying out. You should soak your new lawn well twice a day (morning and afternoon) for the first two weeks as soon as your turf has been laid.

After the first two weeks, watering can be reduced to approximately 1 good soaking a week.

Be certain that your new lawn has enough moisture to survive hot, dry or windy conditions.

Once the Lawn turf cannot be lifted from the ground, this indicates that the roots are making progress.


You should start mowing your awesome lawn approximately 2 to 3 weeks after installation, (depending on the season and turf variety requirements).

Mow no more than one third of the leaf blade during a single mow.


You should fertilizer your lawn 3 times a year with a reputable lawn food (we recommend Shelly's, Chicken Poo or Dynamic Lifter).

The best seasons to fertilizer your lawn are spring, summer and autumn.

Be sure to water the fertilizer in well, we advise that you don't fertilizer your lawn in winter as it is too cold for fertiliser to work.


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