Lawn turf is an amazing idea for giving a beautiful look to ones lawn which has developed ugly patches of grasses. It comes out to be a bit expensive as compared to the normal grass but it has its own advantages. One can get rid of weeds and mosses in the lawn which overall effects the look of the lawn.

There are many lawn turf Sydney suppliers which are easily available to make your lawn shade resistant or drought tolerant. High quality turfs are available and the suppliers can take up all kinds of challenges be they big or small, that too at very reasonable prices. There are many shops in Sydney that supply the turf and cater to all types of lawn needs often developing lawns from scratch.

How They Do It
They first prepare the area freeing it from weeds and mosses. Then they level the ground by removing big stones and other waste objects. The ground becomes level and smooth after filling the gaps with top soil if required. Excavation and earth moving services are also done by the suppliers depending on the ground to be developed. They start laying the turf on the soil taking care to adjoin them firmly.

For clean edgings, the shapeless extra turf is cut with a sharp knife. They make sure that there exists a firm contact between turf and the soil before watering the area. After few weeks the lawn gets established but in the meanwhile they ensure that the lawn is regularly watered. Mowing usually starts once the grass is 2.5 to 5 cm high. They also apply a initial fertiliser.

If clients are fond of doing this activity themselves, then lawn turf Sydney has many suppliers who can advise their clients what is suitable for their area. They supply fresh cut turf, topsoil and turf underlay directly to door step. Different varieties of turf are available with these suppliers which include soft leaf Buffalo, Couch, Empir Zoysia, Kikuyu and many more.